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Choose from a Power Blender that can blitz nuts, ice cubes and root veg, a Vacuum Blender that locks in flavour and vitamins or a selection of table and hand blenders with a range of attachments for whisking, chopping, mixing and kneading.

Our collection of mini food choppers pack between 450w and 500w of power and have multiple blades to ensure your produce is chopped evenly. Perfect for salads, prepping vegetables and blending herbs and spices, these handheld food choppers match our new City Line and New Line small appliances for a coordinated kitchen.

Make fresh juices. Blend homemade soups; nutritional smoothies and even soy milk. Grind nuts and spices from our selection of juicers.

Pansonic 800W Hand Blender | Hand Blenders in Dar Tanzania

PANASONIC 800W Hand Blender With Jar/Chopper/Whisk

Regular price 183,000.00 TZS
PHILIPS Viva Food Processor HR7520 | Philips Dar Tanzania

PHILIPS Viva Collection Compact Food Processor HR7520

Regular price 445,000.00 TZS
Sold Out
PHILIPS Food Processor HR7628 | Blenders in Dar Tanzania

PHILIPS Daily Collection Food Processor HR7628

Regular price 247,500.00 TZS
PANASONIC Juicer And Blender Mill | Juicers in Dar Tanzania

PANASONIC Juicer And Blender M176P

Regular price 317,500.00 TZS
MOULINEX Blendforce 2 | Moulinex Blenders in Dar Tanzania

MOULINEX Blendforce 2 With 600 Watts LM423127

Regular price 138,500.00 TZS
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MOULINEX Blender 400 Watt LM30214A | Blenders in Dar Tanzania

MOULINEX Faciclic Blender 400 Watts LM30214A

Regular price 133,500.00 TZS
MOULINEX Blender LM2221BA | Blenders in Dar Tanzania


Regular price 112,200.00 TZS
Moulinex Juicer 800Watts JU610 | Juicers in Dar Tanzania

Moulinex Juicer 800Watts JU610

Regular price 342,000.00 TZS
MOULINEX Hand Blender DD100147 | Hand Blenders in Dar Tanzania

MOULINEX Hand Blender DD100147

Regular price 88,500.00 TZS
MOULINEX Juicer JU550 | Juicers Dar Tanzania

MOULINEX Juice Extractor 1.4L JU550

Regular price 243,000.00 TZS
Sold Out
MOULINEX Masterchef 5000 Blender | Blenders in Dar Tanzania

MOULINEX Masterchef 5000 Blender FP513

Regular price 238,000.00 TZS
MOULINEX Food Processor FP247 | Blenders in Dar Tanzania

MOULINEX Multi function Food Processor FP247127

Regular price 213,000.00 TZS
MOULINEX Chopper AT711161 | Moulinex Choppers Dar Tanzania

MOULINEX Multi Moulinette Chopper AT711161

Regular price 116,500.00 TZS
Moulinex Blenders in Dar Tanzania | Home Appliances MOULINEX

MOULINEX Blender A3270162

Regular price 153,500.00 TZS
PHILIPS Chopper HR1396 | Home Appliances in Dar Tanzania

PHILIPS Chopper HR1396

Regular price 118,000.00 TZS