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V-TECH Sing Along Kids Microphone | Vtech Toys in Dar Tanzania

V-TECH Sing Along Microphone for Kids

Regular price 99,750.00 TZS
Beads Fashion Set | Girls Beads Fashion Sets in Dar Tanzania

Beading Machine, Hair Beads,Bracelet,Necklace Fashion Set

Regular price 41,900.00 TZS
Loombands Set | Loombands in Dar Tanzania

Loom Bands With String Beads

Regular price 15,400.00 TZS
Dancing Robot Dog | Kids Electronic Toys in Dar Tanzania

Dancing Robot Dog

Regular price 49,600.00 TZS
Boomstick Pump Foamball | Kids Toys in Dar Tanzania

Boomstick Super Pump Foam Ball Launcher

Regular price 23,900.00 TZS
Frozen Doll Set | Shop Frozen Dolls in Dar Tanzania

Frozen Doll Set

Sale price 24,500.00 TZS Regular price 29,000.00 TZS
Save 4,500 TZS
Frozen Flying Princess Doll | Disney Toys in Dar Tanzania

Frozen Flying Princess

Regular price 63,000.00 TZS