CROWN 450 Watts Rotary Sander CT13395

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  • Velcro fixing system: Allows quick, easy and safe fixation of abrasives
  • Variable speed: Allows to select optimal speed for specific materials
  • Lock-on function: Fix ON position of on/off switch to ensure comfort during extended work mode
  • Dust extraction system: Allows to collect dust in designated dust bag os to connect to vacuum cleaner
  • Rear D-handle: Allows safe handling
  • Soft grip: Located on the handle, it offers additional comfort for the users

Technical specifications

  • Rated power: 450 W
  • Amperage at voltage: 220-230 V 1.9 A
  • No-load speed (gear I / II): 4000-13000 minˉ¹
  • No-load oscillations rate: 8000-26000 minˉ¹
  • Eccentricity: 2 mm
  • Sanding plate diameter: 150 mm
  • Weight: 2,4 kg

Pack information

  • EAN-code: 7640177421722
  • Pack type: Color box
  • Pack dimensions: 32,5 x 15,5 x 20,5 cm


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