CROWN Demolition Breaker 1500 Watts CT 18095

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Ideal for breaking concrete, asphalt removal, trench work and driving ground rods.

This 1500 watt electric demolition jack hammer breaker is made for heavy duty construction. The mounted handles is also used for absorbing vibration to reduce operation fatigue.


  • Hex-30 Tool Holder: Suitable for accessories provided with corresponding shank which allows fast manual fastening
  • Anti-Vibrations System: Allows to reduce the fatigue during extended period of work
  • Carbon Bruch Replacement Indicator Light: Warns regarding the need to replace carbon brushes
  • Power Light Indicator: On when the power tool is connected to the mains and ready to be switched on
  • Soft Grip: Located on the handle offering additional comfort 

Technical specification

  • Rated power:  1500 W
  • Amperage at voltage: 220-230 V 6.5 A
  • Chuck type: HEX-30
  • Impact rate: 1400 minˉ¹
  • Single impact power: 50 J
  • Weight: 19 kg

Pack information

  • EAN-code: 7640177420268
  • What's in the box: One bull point chisel and one flat chisel are included in the package for different usage. Quick assemble and disassemble. Clamp firmly and will never drop.
  • Pack type: Plastic case
  • Pack dimension: 81,8 x 37 x 20,8 cm

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