Executive Touch Screen Stylus and Pen

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2 in 1 Executive Stylus & Ink Pen is super responsive, with a durable rubber tip that will not scratch your screen and allows you to type or draw accurately and comfortably. Equipped with a medium point pen, this convenient combination is perfect for jotting down notes as you search for information on your smartphone or tablet. The attached pen clip allows you to attach it to your book, diary, or shirt pocket and the internal ink cartridge is replaceable.

  • Slim aluminum body with anodized finish
  • Ultra touch sensitive for a better and more accurate touch focus for smaller detail such as online coloring books, drawing pads and so on.
  • Equipped with a medium point black ink pen, ideal for writing notes, ideas, or signatures.
  • Durable rubber tip that will protect your device screen from scratches.
  • Made in 100% Lightweight Aluminum
  • Uses jotter refill

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