Intelligent Neck Massager by MASSCARE

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  • 3D suitable designed by the human body engineering for the neck nerves. The design of the electronic lens offers a dual massage effect. The magnetic effect helps to relax the blood circulation and promote the local muscles.
  • The competent energy field consists of lower frequency electrical pulses, six different vibration massage, various magnets for the health of the therapeutic areas of the human body, in order to compensate Yin and Yang and improve the microcirculation, suitable for all.
  • Built healthy magnets provide a massage with electrical pulses to the nutritional status of the cells, as well as a variety of massage operations to improve health.
  • Multi-mode: 6 kinds of massage methods, two types of automatic treatment, four types of physical therapy, which makes it possible to enjoy a full body massage. Therapy with low-frequency vibration massage, Heiztherapie and magnetic therapy.
  • Built, healthy magnets provide a healthy massage function to improve the nutritional status of the cells and to play different roles in health massages. , Selling cold and moisture are removed by the emptied far-infrared heating of blood vessels. Depending on requirements and the ambient temperature is a choice between high and low, with a difference of 2 degrees.

Brand Name: MASSCARE
Works: 2 PCS AA battery
Single working time: 15 minutes
Suggestion: 1 time everyday
Tips: Please remember to switch off after use

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