Montessori Wooden Chair Design Toy Set for Children

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1. Non-toxic safety materials: The wooden box's paint does not fall off, do not worry about the child biting the toy, smooth and no burr will not hurt the baby. 
2. Multiple Enlightenment Education, Improve their logical thinking skills and exercise their children's hands-on ability. Cultivate children's imagination, Creative ability, color shape recognition ability. 
3. Coordination ability, Children like toys! The mother can accompanying the baby learn and play, and exercise the baby's hand-eye coordination.
4. Creating a beautiful childhood, The interaction and communication between the baby and the mother can deepen the relationship with each other, accompany the child, and don't miss the time to grow with the child.
Material: Wooden
Size: 38 x 26 x 8 cm
Color: Colorful
Suitable for Age: Above 2 Years Old 
Package Included:  
1 x set of Tangram Chair Stool Diy Toys

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