SMARTIVITY Fantastic Optics Kaleidoscope DIY STEM Kit SMRT1040

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Relive the spectacle of your childhood with Smartivity Fantastic Optics Kaleidoscope S.T.E.M. Education D.I.Y. Toy making kit. Introduce your child to an infinite sequence of patterns, a dazzling world of colors. First designed by Scotsman Dr. David Brewster in 1816, a kaleidoscope is not just another toy. It is a portal into the fascinating world of patterns and colors. Used as a source of inspiration by designers and artists, kaleidoscope inspires creativity and introduces your child to the wonders of light, colors and reflection.

  • STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
  • STEM fosters the love of learning. Instilling that passion and drive to learn is at it's most crucial stage during the elementary years.
  • Smartivity projects are designed to help children learn the skills required for success in real life.
  • Smartivity projects enhance analytical intelligence, practical skills and creativity in kids.
Give your child a peek into the magical new dimension where colors dance and wonders abound. Vibrant and colorful, Smartivity Fantastic Optics Kaleidoscope S.T.E.M. Learning D.I.Y. kit opens up a world of patterns and designs for your child. It contains all the elements necessary to build this spectacular device. Just fill the kaleidoscope drum with colorful trinkets included in the kit, and watch your child explore the wonders of light and colors. Kit includes 71 elements, including child safe mirrors, colorful plastic panels, beads, and engineered wood components.
  • S.T.E.M. Principles Your Child Will Learn: Optics, mixing colours, transparency/Opacity, Shapes, Patterns
  • What's in the box: 131 elements including child-safe mirrors, colourful plastic panels, beads, engineered wood components, instruction booklet, endless hours of fun  : )
  • Skills developed: Fine Motor Skills, Analytical Skills, Spatial Awareness, Creativity
  • Batteries: Not required
  • Suitable ages: 6+
  • Package weight: 1.1 kg

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