Wooden Alphabet Peg Intelligence Toys

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Spend quality time with your children while helping them solve puzzles. Children build relationships through basic pretend-plays and the interactions with people around them. It is an excellent opportunity for parents to seize - spend quality time whilst playing. It promotes bonding. Boost Passion for Learning!

Early learning is where it all begins. This is when kids start developing a sense of curiosity and a flair for learning. For them, everything or anything is possible. So get them indulged in educational activities to help them find their feet.

Puzzles can serve as one of the best games for self-training. Brain Teaser Puzzles Exercise your mind by practising problem-solving. The brain sharpens just as much as you play. These puzzles can do that very well. From remembering and sequencing to noting similarities & differences, it helps them develop life skills at an early stage.

  • Skill-Set: Alphabets - Capital Letters & Small Letters

  • Material: Wood

  • Board Dimensions: 9.5 x 8.5 inch

  • Ages: 2+

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