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Whether you're after straight hair or simply a tamer curly look, we have a wide range of high quality hair straighteners. Choose from a wide selection of hair straighteners and hair stylers to keep your hair looking smooth and sleek.

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PHILIPS Hair Straightner BHS375 | Hair Straightners in Dar

PHILIPS StraightCare Essential ThermoProtect Straightener BHS375

Regular price 88,500.00 TZS
PHILIPS ActiveCare Hair Straightener HP8363 | Philips Tanzania

PHILIPS ActiveCare Jojoba Straightener HP8363

Regular price 332,000.00 TZS
PHILIPS Hair Straightener HP8325 | Hair Straightners Dar Tanzania

PHILIPS EssentialCare Straightener HP8325

Sale price 122,000.00 TZS Regular price 125,000.00 TZS
Save 3,000 TZS
PHILIPS Hair Straightener HP8321 | Hair Straightners in Dar Tanzania

PHILIPS EssentialCare Straightener HP8321

Regular price 89,000.00 TZS
PHILIPS Hair Straightener BHS674 | Philips Hair Products in Tanzania

PHILIPS StraightCare Hair Straightener BHS674

Regular price 172,000.00 TZS
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PHILIPS Hairstyler HP8661 | Philips Hairstylers Dar Tanzania

PHILIPS EssentialCare Airstyler HP8661

Sale price 116,000.00 TZS Regular price 120,000.00 TZS
Save 4,000 TZS
PHILIPS Airstyler HP8650 | Philips Products in Dar Tanzania

PHILIPS Airstyler HP8650

Regular price 113,000.00 TZS
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PHILIPS Hair Curler HP8602 | Philips Appliances in Dar Tanzania

PHILIPS Hair Curler Iron HP8602

Regular price 64,000.00 TZS