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A unique round-up of outdoor toys for kids that are recommended by MOMS and DADS. Wide range of backyard toys that get the kids outside and off tech!

Super Yoyo | Toys In Dar | Yoyo in Dar Tanzania

Super Yoyo

Regular price 9,900.00 TZS
138cm Trampoline | Kids Trampolines in Dar Tanzania

4.6 Feet Trampoline

Regular price 396,000.00 TZS
10 Feet Trampoline | Trampolines in Dar Tanzania

10 Feet Trampoline

Regular price 1,434,000.00 TZS
Bubble In Bubble Blower | Kids Toys in Dar Tanzania

Bubble In Bubble Blower

Regular price 26,400.00 TZS
Boomstick Pump Foamball | Kids Toys in Dar Tanzania

Boomstick Super Pump Foam Ball Launcher

Regular price 23,900.00 TZS