What is a kitchen without a kettle? Whether it’s a comforting cup of tea, filling up a hot water bottle, or boiling water to cook with, a kettle is truly a kitchen essential!

There’s more to a good kettle than meets the eye. It should be quick to boil whether boiling the maximum or minimum capacity, easy to fill and pour without splashing as well as being lightweight, and comfortable.

KRUPS EA811840 Coffee Arabica Espresso Machine in Dar Tanzania

KRUPS Manual Arabica Espresso Coffee Machine EA811840

Regular price 1,541,000.00 TZS
Tefal Stainless Steel Kettle | Tefal Kettles in Dar Tanzania

TEFAL Stainless Steel Kettle 1,7L

Regular price 79,000.00 TZS
TEFAL Kettle 1.7Ltr | Quality Kettles in Dar Tanzania

TEFAL JUSTINE 1.7 Ltr Kettle

Regular price 79,000.00 TZS
PHILIPS Coffee Maker HD7447 | Philips Kitchen Appliances

PHILIPS Daily Collection Coffee Maker HD7447

Regular price 124,000.00 TZS
PHILIPS Electric Kettle HD9334 | Philips Kettles Dar Tanzania

PHILIPS Daily Collection Kettle HD9334

Regular price 99,200.00 TZS
PHILIPS Kettle HD9305 | Philips Kitchen Appliances

PHILIPS Kettle HD9305

Regular price 134,000.00 TZS
PHILIPS Kettle HD4646 | Philips Home Appliances

PHILIPS Kettle HD4646

Regular price 89,000.00 TZS
Beko Electric Glass Kettle | Kettles in Dar Tanzania

Beko Electric Glass Kettle 6321w

Regular price 89,900.00 TZS