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As a professional hair stylist or barber, you want to use the best professional hair clippers and trimmers for the perfect designs and outlines. Here we stock one of the finest brands in the market today. Lets get started.

WAHL ElitePro Hair Clipper | Hair Trimmers in Dar Tanzania

WAHL Elite Pro Hair Clipper Kit

Regular price 212,500.00 TZS
WAHL HomeCut Corded Trimmer | Wahl Trimmers in Dar Tanzania

WAHL HomeCut Corded Trimmer

Regular price 69,000.00 TZS
WAHL Super Micro Trimmer | Wahl trimmers in Dar Tanzania

WAHL Super Micro Trimmer

Regular price 169,600.00 TZS
Sold Out
WAHL ColorPro Hair Clipper 79400 | Wahl Clippers in Dar

WAHL ColorPro Corded Hair Clipper 79400

Regular price 144,000.00 TZS
Wahl Detailer Hair Trimmer 8081 | Hair Trimmers in Dar Tanzania

Wahl Detailer Hair Trimmer 8081-916

Regular price 249,000.00 TZS
WAHL Balding Clipper 8110 | Hair Clippers in Dar Tanzania

WAHL Balding Clipper 8110

Regular price 228,000.00 TZS
WAHL Super Taper Clipper 8467 | Hair Trimmers in Dar Tanzania

WAHL Proffesional Super Taper Clipper 8467

Regular price 179,000.00 TZS
WAHL Lithium Ion Steel Hair Trimmer in Dar Tanzania

WAHL Lithium Ion Stainless Steel Grooming Kit

Regular price 361,600.00 TZS
WAHL GroomsMan Pro Hair Trimmers in Dar Tanzania

WAHL GroomsMan Pro Rechargeable Trimmer

Regular price 219,900.00 TZS
Sold Out
WAHL GroomsMan | Wahl Hair Trimmers in Dar Tanzania

WAHL GroomsMan Body Trimmer

Regular price 219,000.00 TZS
Sold Out
PHILIPS Trimmer MG5730 | Hair Trimmers Dar Tanzania

PHILIPS Multigroom 11-in-1 Trimmer MG5730

Regular price 224,500.00 TZS
Wahl hair trimmer 300 series | Wahl Hair trimmers in Dar

WAHL HomePro 300 Series Corded Hair Clipper 9247

Regular price 139,000.00 TZS
PHILIPS Trimmer MG3710 | Philips Trimmers in Dar Tanzania

PHILIPS Multigroom series 3000 6-in-1 Trimmer MG3710

Regular price 138,000.00 TZS
Sold Out
PHILIPS Hairclipper HC3100 | Philips Shavers in Dar Tanzania

PHILIPS Home Hairclipper Series 3000 HC3100

Regular price 179,000.00 TZS