Learn more about shipping


  • Our shipping couriers include SKYNET, SMAI Piki service and our In-House couriers
  • We use SKYNET for shipping products outside of Dar es Salaam and for local Dar es Salaam orders we either use SMAI Piki or our own In-House courier service


  • We provide FREE SHIPPING for orders over Tshs 100,000/- for buyers in Dar es Salaam ONLY
  • For Free shipping in Dar es Salaam,we shall use any of the above mentioned courier services deemed fit by us in accordance to weight and size of the product/s


  • Products which are stocked by our company don't have any delivery period mentioned on the product description and will be shipped to you immediately after the order has been processed
  • For Dar es Salaam orders, we usually deliver same day with exception of PRE-ORDER products
  • For orders from other regions in Tanzania, shipping time varies from 2-4 days depending on the location of the buyer with exception of PRE-ORDER products
  • Our delivery times start from 9.00 am and cut-off at 6.00 pm from Monday to Friday. On Saturday our delivery times start from 9.00 am and cut-off at 2.00 pm. On Sundays and public holidays we DO NOT deliver. Any orders placed on Sunday or public holidays shall be processed and shipped the following working day


Our shipping charges are as follows:

Dar es Salaam - Orders below Tshs 100,000/- Same day                     5,000.00
Dar es Salaam - Orders above Tshs 100,000/- Same day FREE
Dar es Salaam - Store pick-up Same day FREE
Arusha/USA river 0-3kg 2-3 days                   24,200.00
Arusha/USA river 3.1-5kg 2-3 days                   45,400.00
Arusha/USA river 5.1-10kg 2-3 days                   84,500.00
Arusha/USA river 10.1-15kg 2-3 days                148,000.00
Arusha/USA river 15.1-30kg 2-3 days                246,000.00
Arusha/USA river 30.1-100kg 2-3 days                467,000.00
Mtwara/Rukwa/Ruvuma/Singida/Shinyanga/Tabora 0-3kg 3-4 days                   31,900.00
Mtwara/Rukwa/Ruvuma/Singida/Shinyanga/Tabora 3.1-5kg 3-4 days                   69,200.00
Mtwara/Rukwa/Ruvuma/Singida/Shinyanga/Tabora 5.1-10kg 3-4 days                127,800.00
Mtwara/Rukwa/Ruvuma/Singida/Shinyanga/Tabora 10.1-15kg 3-4 days                196,700.00
Mtwara/Rukwa/Ruvuma/Singida/Shinyanga/Tabora 15.1-30kg 3-4 days                256,000.00
Mtwara/Rukwa/Ruvuma/Singida/Shinyanga/Tabora 30.1-120kg 3-4 days                612,000.00
Dodoma 0-3kg 2-3 days                   20,000.00
Dodoma 3.1-5kg 2-3 days                   51,000.00
Dodoma 5.1-10kg 2-3 days                   82,000.00
Dodoma 10.1-15kg 2-3 days                156,000.00
Dodoma 15.1-30kg 2-3 days                289,000.00
Dodoma 30-120kg 2-3 days                489,000.00
Iringa/Mbeya/Mwanza 0-3kg 2-3 days                   26,900.00
Iringa/Mbeya/Mwanza 3.1-5kg 2-3 days                   48,900.00
Iringa/Mbeya/Mwanza 5.1-10kg 2-3 days                   92,500.00
Iringa/Mbeya/Mwanza 10.1-15kg 2-3 days                146,000.00
Iringa/Mbeya/Mwanza 15.1-30kg 2-3 days                287,500.00
Iringa/Mbeya/Mwanza 30.1-120kg 2-3 days                468,000.00
Morogoro/Pwani/Tanga/Zanzibar/Pemba 0-3kg 2-3 days                   26,900.00
Morogoro/Pwani/Tanga/Zanzibar/Pemba 3.1-5kg 2-3 days                   48,500.00
Morogoro/Pwani/Tanga/Zanzibar/Pemba 5.1-10kg 2-3 days                   84,600.00
Morogoro/Pwani/Tanga/Zanzibar/Pemba 10.1-15kg 2-3 days                134,000.00
Morogoro/Pwani/Tanga/Zanzibar/Pemba 15.1-30kg 2-3 days                256,000.00
Morogoro/Pwani/Tanga/Zanzibar/Pemba 30.1-120kg 2-3 days                421,000.00
Kenya/Uganda 0-3kg 3-6 days                   63,000.00
Kenya/Uganda 3.1-5kg 3-6 days                   83,000.00
Kenya/Uganda 5.1-10kg 3-6 days                126,000.00
Kenya/Uganda 10.1-15kg 3-6 days                177,300.00
Kenya/Uganda 15.1-30kg 3-6 days                246,800.00
Kenya/Uganda 30.1-60kg 3-6 days                436,500.00
Kenya/Uganda 60.1-120kg 3-6 days                769,000.00


  • Some products in our store which have " PRE-ORDER" tag on it may take 21-45 days for delivery as they are shipped from our trusted manufacturers and vendors from various parts of the world.
  • Once we receive the order for the products, we import them into our store first after paying all relevant taxes and duties, check the product properly and then ship it to your address.
  • The price mentioned for these products is the actual price you pay (plus shipping charges which you pay at check-out).


  • Self pick-up can only be done for Dar es Salaam buyers as our store is based in Dar es Salaam.
  • If you feel you want to pick up your order from our store by yourself then you can choose " Self Pick Up" option in the check out page and collect your order from our store.
  • Our physical store adress is as follows : Shop no.14, Mezzanine floor, Elite tower building, Azikiwe Street, Posta Mpya, Dar es Salaam


  • Please ensure you provide us your accurate shipping address to avoid delays and mishaps in the delivery process.
  • For delivery in other regions in Tanzania besides Dar es Salaam, our courier guys will call you before delivery so as to find your exact location in case they cannot find your address which is mentioned during check-out


For more information regarding shipping, please contact us on help@empire.co.tz or call us on +255-754-265747