Sporting Goods

We stock a wide range of sporting goods like dart boards, footballs, basketballs, volleyballs, exercise equipment, rackets, tennis balls, support bands, bicycles, skateboards,etc.

HEAD Extreme Soft Overgrip | Head Racket Grips in Dar Tanzania

HEAD Extreme Soft Over grip

Regular price 31,600.00 TZS
Power G4 Tennis Racket String | Tennis Strings in Dar Tanzania

ALU Power Rough G4 Tennis Racket String

Regular price 18,800.00 TZS
Proffesional Size Football Goal Net | Goal nets in Dar Tanzania

2pc Proffesional Size Football Goal Net

Regular price 154,000.00 TZS
Basketball Hoops With Nets | Basketball Hoops in Dar Tanzania

2pc Basketball Hoops With Nets

Regular price 261,400.00 TZS
HEAD Tour Tennis Balls | Head Tennis Balls In Dar Tanzania

HEAD Tour Tennis Balls 4 Balls Set

Regular price 37,600.00 TZS
Retracting Table Tennis Net | Table Tennis Nets in Dar Tanzania

Re-Tracta Table Tennis Net And Post

Regular price 49,900.00 TZS
HyPro 2 Table Tennis Bats | Table Tennis bats in Dar

HyPro 2 Table Tennis Bats & 2 Balls Set

Regular price 49,700.00 TZS
Football Goalkeeper Gloves | Football Gloves in Dar Tanzania

Football Goalkeeper Gloves

Regular price 34,400.00 TZS
Madrid 2019 Football | Footballs in Dar Tanzania

Football Madrid 2019 Final

Regular price 53,600.00 TZS
Magnetic Roll-Up Dartboard | Dartboards in Dar Tanzania

Magnetic Roll-Up Dart Board

Regular price 79,600.00 TZS
Slazenger Club All Court Tennis Balls | Tennis Balls in Dar Tanzania

Slazenger Club All Court Tennis Balls

Regular price 26,400.00 TZS
HEAD Elite 9 Racket Tennis Bag | Tennis Bags in Dar Tanzania

HEAD Elite 9R Supercombi Racket Sports Bag

Regular price 389,000.00 TZS
Table Tennis Table Set | Table Tennis In Dar Tanzania

Indoor Table Tennis Table Set

Regular price 1,924,000.00 TZS
YONEX Voltric ZForce 2 Badminton Rackets in Dar Tanzania

YONEX Voltric Z-Force 2 Badminton Racket

Regular price 97,500.00 TZS
Outdoor Classic Volleyball Net 32 ft x 3 ft

Outdoor Classic Volleyball Net 32 ft x 3 ft

Regular price 87,000.00 TZS